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Windsurfing is a surface water sport that combines pure elements of nature:

wind & water. 

The best sport there is?! It's up to you!

It can be practiced anywhere as long as there is wind and water:  ocean, lake, river, but ass well on flat water water as on waves.


There are several different disciplines depending on which aspect of the sport you enjoy. 


For example:

- Slalom, RS:X: racing on mainly flat/choppy water an on competitive basis a very tactical sport.

- Freestyle: using the power of the wind and your body to pop out of the water with the board and show tricks like jumping 180ties, sliding around on the board and sail.

- Wave: either using the waves to make high jumps/loops and/or using the power and height of the wave to ride it like a surfer.

Windsurfing is more than just a sport, it’s a lifestyle.  Windsurfers are unique kind of people, a small community with it’s own surf-culture based on the enjoyment of being on the water and sharing this experience.

I personally like the waves the most, but I also like the other categories.  In my video I'll give  you an impression of what windsurfing means to me. It's filmed all around the world: Hawaii, Europe, Canaries, Brasil and my homespot. Enjoy and hopefully I'll see you on the water soon!


Full time doctor

Semi-pro windsurfer






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