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I am Eva, a full time doctor a parttime windsurfer. I like waveriding and jumping and I love to travel and go on adventure and discover all new places.


Windsurfing for me is more than a hobby, it’s passion and a lifestyle (mostly healthy). Next to my job I spend most of my time on the water whenever it’s windy or go for are surf of SUP when there are some waves.


To stay in balance I do yoga, try to sleep enough and and a add a lot of chocolate to my diet.


I think it’s importent to follow your dreams and to work hard yourself to fulfill it.


Eva Oude Ophuis

  • DOB: 19th sept 1985

  • Height: 170cm

  • Eye color: brown/green

  • Nationality: Dutch

  • Favorite spots:

    • Wijk aan Zee

    • Gnaraloo

    • Hookipa

  • Favorite food: acai

  • Debut PWA: 2012 Pozo


Results so far:

2015 2nd Aloha wave, The Netherlands
2015 2nd Jericoacoara wave
2015 3rd Jericoacoara freestyle

2013: 2nd Dutch wave championships
2013: 6th overall PWA wave
2013: 10th PWA freestyle The Netherlands
2013: 6th PWA wave Tenerife

2012: 7th PWA wave Tenerife
2012: 7th PWA wave Pozo

2011: 10th overall PWA wave
2011: PWA wave Sylt: no wind
2011: 9th PWA wave Tenerife
2011: 9th PWA wave Pozo (PWA debut)

2009: 2e Naish Wave Masters

Competition 2 high five Bjorn
Competition 1 Tenerife material
Competition 7 competition Pozo, Hes, Olya
Competition 5 Dutch Championships
Competition 3 competion Tenerife pushloop
Competition 6 PWA group Tenerife
Competition 4 Pozo with my buddy Hes
Competition 0 Girls celebrating during competition
Competition 1 Dutch team


"Competition is way more than only results.

It's the fun towards the contest, meeting windsurfers/new friends all over the world en setting new goals every time."

My History

I started windsurfing young, at a age of ten.


Watersports was in the family. Every year during Summer Holiday  we went with a campervan packet with a little sailingboat and windsurfequipment somewhere in Europe were there was water. 


I learned to sail in a little sailingboat first and it helped me to understand the principles of te wind working into the sail. 

I saw my older brother and father windsurfing and I wanted to learn it really badly, but the sail was to heavy for me to lift it up form the water.

One summer during our trip to Poland, the thousand lakes, I got a litlle kid sail for my birthday. the sail was superlight and I got hooked straigt away! 

The years after I did dependent on the Summer Holidays, until I went to University and became part of a extreme sport society: D.E.R.M.  Check out my BIO on extreme sports as well....

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