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Finding a new balance

‘I’ or I have to say ‘we’ have a beautiful baby girl. Oda is her name, 6 months old at the moment. She is a super happy energetic girl with a lot of temper already! Life is changed with the best gift of our lives!

I remember telling my husband in the middle of the night (April 28th 2016) from Bonaire that I thought I might be pregnant. I was in shock and could not think clearly, but Eric was straight away excited to buy a van and made a campervan out of it. The same day he was searching for vans and I had to let it all sink in and realize this was going to be a big change in our lives.

But is it? And how do we combine it with surfing?

Being a doctor together with a husband having is own company, parenting and both having windsurfing as a passion doesn’t sound like an easy combination. But the good thing is…..we like challenges.

My husband is not the kind of (home)man who wants to wait at home for me to come back from a long day of work or windsurfsession and feed- & changes the diaper of the baby. But he is a real power-husband who does it all! He takes care of his family (and changes the dirtiest diapers), but also follow his dreams with work and windsurfing. Ain’t I a lucky woman?

To fit and combine all of this in our lives, a couple of months ago, my husband bought a van and made a beautiful campervan out of it: a double masterbed in the back, one little monkey bed, three seats in the front (one which can turn around), a toilet, shower (heated with a boiler), sink, two pits, solar panels ect. We are fully independent with this van! What else do you need? Yes, fill it up with (wind)surfgear and family. Feels like such a luxury after being used sleeping in just cars with not even a normal bed.

Upcoming blogs I’ll write about our adventures. Feel free to follow.

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