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Promotion of Yucatan in Mexico

Last year I got invited for a promotion trip in Mexico to the State Yucatan. This project 'live it bo believe it' (Visit Mexico) is sponsored by the government and organized by Altius Events, an extreme sport/event-project organization.

Together with three models, a filming- and production crew (River Roots), and the organizers of Altius Events we went on a nine-day trip to the main highlights of Yucatan.

Me and the other girls were kept busy all day to explore the most beautiful places. Sometimes we had to wake up at 4-5 a.m in the morning and worked till dark (around 8 p.m.). We got a script, were explained what to do and just had to make fun together. Of course we had to do several scenes over and over again, but I didn't care with this incredible crew and being surrounded in a beautiful environment.

For the windsurfing part I had no idea what to expect so I took my 5.2m IDOL sail and 4.5m HERO and freestyle board. Good choice because the wind was light. The forecast was good for wavesailing in Progresso one day, but unfortunately something else was already in the planning that day... With a windsurfmind it's kind of hard to go somewhere else if you know it might go off. We discussed about it, but a professional diver flew in for that day so they had to film him (and us being there). It's not easy to interfere in a tight schedule. When it was my turn for windsurfing, at least I got a bit of wind to sail and did some freeride, jumping and freestyle. Another teammate of North (kiter), Graig Cunningham, flew in for two days to play around with me in the water. Although we did not get epic conditions it was still a lot of fun!

I really got impressed by the professionalism of the project: the size of the team involved, all the place we were going to visit arranged so well by forehand in the tight schedule, all the details of the shoot precisely regulated, the filming/camera material and so on.

With the other three models it was really fun during the shoot. Many times we end up laughing so much that we just couldn't stop, sometimes I think kind of annoying for the filming- and production crew, but in the end it was all fine. We all came really close and ended up like good friends. Because of all the experiences you make together it's very nice to see how close you get with everyone involved. Best crew ever!

Many thanks girls (models: Thalita Braga, Monika Balciunaite, Valeria Arrizon S), Alitus Events and River Roots for this fun experience! Thanks North Sails, Fanatic and ION for helping me out with all the equipment! An amazing experience i will never forget.

Todo gracias al mejor equipo Altius, River Roots, NorthSails y Fanatic!

More video's & pictures!

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