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Bump & Jump in Northern Europe

Check out the map during reading the story below: You can click on it.

Me and Eric were both two weeks of from work. We decided to go somewhere with the car wherever it was windy. While driving on the road we decided where to go. The first spot was still in Holland, on the Waddenzee. It was super windy, raining and cold. Not a great succes. We slept over at a friend's place in Groningen.


The forecast was good for the Baltic Sea in the North of Germany. Together with the windsurf spotguide and after investigation of some clips o spots on youtube we drove the Kägsdorf close to Rockstock It's a spot in the North of Germany at the coast of the Baltic see. We could nicely rig our gear on the grass and our van close to the water. A good spot for strong wind and some small steep waves to jump. Feels a bit like windsurfing at Pozo. Many people are camping in the van and for just a few euro's you are allowed to stay overnight.

Saaler Boddon

After two days of jumping around the wind got less and we drove more east from Rockstock to a lake (Saaler Boddon) perfectly designed for freestyle. The campervan place of Neuendorf allowed us to park directly at the water. The water was as flat as you can get and waist heigh water in almost the entire lake. With our car or call it ini-mini-van we drew a lot of attention from the people in the big motor homes around us. They were impressed how much gear we could storage in and on the car and we were sleeping in it. If the forecast predicted rain during the night, we pushed all the gear in the tent and we slept in the car.

The area around Rockstock is very touristic, especially close to the ocean and Rockstock itself. Mainly groups of old grey people walking over boulevards and attractions everywhere. It reminds me of Sylt during the PWA competition. Not my favorite kind of place to be. But as you can see around the lake itself is not too hectic, and even an easy going atmosphere.

Eric and I both prefer waves and the forecast on our cellphones was showing us a little chance of wavesailing conditions in Denmark. The decision was easy, we drove to Denmark.

Sønderstrand The first stop in Denmark just over the border from Germany on the eastside was at Sønderstrand close to Skovby. We were welcomed by the view of beautiful green/blueish water, like being on an Island somewhere in the Caribbean. You can park on the camping close to the water. Unfortunately the wind wasn't really strong and with my biggest sail (4.5m) and freestyle board (85L) it was just enough to plane for an hour until it got dark Mainly choppy with some little waves. I think this spot has a lot of potential to go off when it's really windy. The wind disappeared but with this beautiful view it was okay.


Next Stop was the jump/wave spot Kjul near Hirthals in the North of Denmark. You can drive over a long and broad beach coast with endless parking opportunities. With strict police not good for wild camping, better search for a camping close by. We got treated with a blue skye, wind and warm weather. If the wind will be on for a longer period of time and/or stronger wind you can expect more wavy conditions.

On the way back home we passed Klitmøller. The well known cold Hawaii windsurfing spot. Just one day of wind, but it was epic! I made a little clip action clip of the trip. Spots included: Kägsdorf, Kjul, Klitmøller.

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